Locations // UFC GYM Folsom

1010 E Bidwell Street

Folsom, CA


KIME located inside

UFC GYM Folsom

The Folsom location is located inside the amazing UFC GYM. We have a complete rehab and recovery room, plus a huge turf area, mat space, and excellent weight equipment. The space allows us to rehab an athlete from day-1-post-injury to back-to-sport. As a KIME client, you will have full access to the space during your treatment sessions.
UFC GYM is the ultimate MMA-inspired fitness experience. Unlock your potential and elevate your performance in a highly energized and supportive environment. Take advantage of the opportunity to roll on the Brazilian jiu-jitsu mats and hit the bags in a large bag room. Beat the boredom with access to numerous fitness classes, specialty equipment, weight and cardio rooms, and more. It has both group and personal training options for your continued development

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