Locations // Mini’s House of Pain

4990 Hillsdale Circle, Ste. 200

El Dorado Hills, CA


KIME located inside

Mini’s House of Pain

Our flagship facility is our El Dorado Hills location inside Mini’s House of Pain. That name may sound intimidating, but once you understand what “pain” refers to, you will feel much better. Ask us when you call, and we will share the story! We have a fully integrated experience here, just as if you were on a professional sports team. The treatment area is adjacent to the training floor and offers all the luxuries of best-in-class rehab. This space allows us to go from prehab to day-1-post-injury to back-to-sport all in one space, getting you back to what you love, fast.
Mini’s is a personal training gym with a reputation for delivering life-changing results in our community. We searched high and low for the best trainers that would be dedicated to providing our clients with the same passion we have! We help people lose weight and transform their health with pain free workouts.

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