Locations // Fitness MD

10015 Foothills Blvd #130

Roseville, ca


KIME located inside

Fitness MD

The Roseville location is located inside the amazing Fitness MD. We have a complete rehab and recovery room, plus a huge sports training area and excellent weight equipment. The space allows us to rehab an athlete from day-1-post-injury all the way to back-to-sport. As a KIME client, you will have full access to the space during your treatment sessions.
Since 2007, Fitness MD has helped change lives through goals and group fitness. Here, your personal trainer ensures that you have perfect form while fellow fit clubbers motivate you when you’re right about to quit. It’s where you get introduced to fun and unique exercise combinations you never knew you could do and start to feel muscles in places you never knew you had. It’s where you go to get results.

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