Locations // AMPT Fitness

9171 Elk Grove Florin Road, Unit 1

Elk Grove, CA


KIME located inside

AMPT Fitness

The Elk Grove location is located inside the amazing AMPT Fitness. We have a complete rehab and recovery area, plus a huge sports training area and excellent weight equipment. The space allows us to rehab an athlete from day 1 post injury all the way to back to sport. As a KIME client, you will have full access to the space during your treatment sessions.
AMPT Fitness focusses on Semi Private Group Training from highly experienced and knowledgable coaches. Coach Boggs has been affiliated with KIME for more than a decade and does an amazing job. The focus on quality of movement and programming make this an excellent opportunity for KIME patients to continue with AMPT Fitness to make life long progress.

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